marlowe again

Five of us from law school met up last night at Marlowe, and ordered five burgers. Still as delicious as I thought last time.


weekend recap

Another great but busy weekend, following a two days of work last weekend, and the Kellogg reunion the weekend before that.

- This one kicked off with Little Start Pizza, two pies from one of my overall favorite pizza joints. I still need to make an updated Zachary's comparison, but it's just too hard to get to the East Bay.

- Short visit to Howard and Dao's birthday BBQ at Golden Gate Park. I wish I could've stayed longer but...

- Then I was off to Godwin and Meredith's wedding in Pleasanton. Congratulations to an awesome couple and I had a great time catching up with a lot of friends I hadn't seen in much too long.

- After a relaxing morning, Lauren and I headed off to Maya's 7th birthday party in Menlo Park. This time it was a long-overdue catching up with family, along with meeting baby Atticus for the first time!



Lauren and I went to Marlowe last night, and it was awesome. I have heard some good press about the burger there, and it delivered. The last SF burger that I was looking forward to was at Chez Maman, but it didn't live up to the hype. Marlowe did.

As far as old favorites go, I still need to re-try the burger at Zuni Cafe, and for new burgers on my list are Bill's Place and Balboa Cafe.


to be rickrolled

I had seen the term before, but finally decided to look it up: Rickrolling. These crazy people on the internet.

upcoming in sf

After a weekend of big-screen TV shopping, I think I've narrowed it down to a few candidates. I'm definitely gonna go with a 46/47" screen from either LG or Samsung (the only brands with a swivel stand). Wht's left to decide is whether I go budget with a 60Hz refresh rate, or pick up a more expensive model with 120Hz or 240Hz (and maybe even the Sam Sung LED model). I'm pretty sure that I'll at least wait until my next paycheck, so I'll keep you all posted.

In terms of upcoming events in San Francisco, here's what I've heard about (and that sound interesting) so far:

Jan 16 - May 2: Cartoon Art Museum - Drawing the Sword: Samurai in Manga and Anime
Feb 3-7: 7th annual San Francisco Ocean Film Festival
Feb 6-7: San Francisco Fine Print Fair
Feb 12: Slow Food San Francisco and the Ferry Building presents: "Food From the Heart"


settling in

I've lived in my new apartment for exactly one week now, and I do feel quite settled in already. Of course, all my stuff arrived on the first day, while Lauren's stuff does not get in until tomorrow. Last week went by in a blur, as it was mostly unpacking and shopping for furniture/household goods. The only big purchase we've made so far is a mattress for the guest room, although I've got quite the shopping list for when I start making money.

Here's the list in tentative order:

1. Larger HDTV. I'm thinking something along the line of 37" to 42", since our living room space is a bit limited. However, that's also a much better price point, so I'll be able to afford a 1080 screen, rather than a 720.

2. Desktop PC. This is largely a splurge, since I've already got my MacBook and an old netbook. However, I would like a more powerful PC for both media viewing as well as World of Warcraft. Buying a desktop computer used to be priority #1, but I've been getting used to using my laptop for WoW, so this has dropped down to #2. Unless I see a really good deal.

3. Roku / Popcorn Hour / Internet media device. I have been dying to get one of these for a long time, and even more so now that there's a ethernet connection right behind the TV. Of course, I'll wait until I purchase a new TV before getting a Roku (or like device) - but hopefully that'll be soon after my first few paychecks!

Those are probably the most important big purchases for now, although I do need a bunch of smaller miscellaneous stuff. If I really have extra money, I would probably upgrade my D40 to a D90, but camera stuff I want is a whole other post...