settling in

I've lived in my new apartment for exactly one week now, and I do feel quite settled in already. Of course, all my stuff arrived on the first day, while Lauren's stuff does not get in until tomorrow. Last week went by in a blur, as it was mostly unpacking and shopping for furniture/household goods. The only big purchase we've made so far is a mattress for the guest room, although I've got quite the shopping list for when I start making money.

Here's the list in tentative order:

1. Larger HDTV. I'm thinking something along the line of 37" to 42", since our living room space is a bit limited. However, that's also a much better price point, so I'll be able to afford a 1080 screen, rather than a 720.

2. Desktop PC. This is largely a splurge, since I've already got my MacBook and an old netbook. However, I would like a more powerful PC for both media viewing as well as World of Warcraft. Buying a desktop computer used to be priority #1, but I've been getting used to using my laptop for WoW, so this has dropped down to #2. Unless I see a really good deal.

3. Roku / Popcorn Hour / Internet media device. I have been dying to get one of these for a long time, and even more so now that there's a ethernet connection right behind the TV. Of course, I'll wait until I purchase a new TV before getting a Roku (or like device) - but hopefully that'll be soon after my first few paychecks!

Those are probably the most important big purchases for now, although I do need a bunch of smaller miscellaneous stuff. If I really have extra money, I would probably upgrade my D40 to a D90, but camera stuff I want is a whole other post...

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