fantasy in my youth

Although I was an avid reader as a child, I was also captivated by a number of fantasy movies that amazed me for a long long time. I watched Dark Crystal earlier tonight as part of a Jim Henson retrospective at the Gene Siskel Film Center, and it brought back memories of how fascinated I used to be by some of these movies. Here's a short list of old favorites:

- Hobbit
- Time Bandits
- Labyrinth
- The Neverending Story
- Dot and the Kangaroo



I was there! Thanks to one of my friends who brought me as her guest, I attended Obama's rally at Grant Park in Chicago. We got there at around 9:15, just a short while before CNN declared Obama the winner. Even more shortly thereafter, the big screens broadcasted McCain's consolation speech. No way did any of us think it would be over that early! The event ran smoothly - no big crowds, minimal crush in the line to get in, very easy event overall, and I'm extremely glad I went!