new york, new york

I know this post is long overdue, and I probably should have just skipped it and blogged on about India.  However, I just couldn't feel right glossing over what was an awesome trip to New York.  In four days, I ended up sampling tons of NY's finest culinary delights!

Thanks to Eric and Joey, who put me up in their wonderful Wall St. apartment!

The details may be a bit off, but here's what I had while I was in town.

Day 1.  Eric and I grabbed drinks and some awesome sliders and pigs in a blanket at Ulysses, a popular Wall St. hangout.  Then we met up with Gerald and headed up to East Village for some Crif Dogs and Kenka.

Day 2. Ess-a-Bagel for breakfast.  Man, I love NY bagels.  Then to the Greenmarket at Union Square with Gerald and Christina.  After a quick visit to the MOMA, we went for cupcakes at my favorite cupcake shop - Buttercup Bakery.  For dinner, we made the long trip to Fort Lee to So Kong Dong Tofu, a soft tofu stew house (soondubu).


Day 3.  Eric, Joey and I kicked off the day at Joe's Ginger for steam dumplings (IMO way way better than Din Tai Fung), which I then followed up with some Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.  In the afternoon, I treated my high school friends to a food tour around my old neighborhood -Joe's Pizza, Sullivan Street Bakery, Kati roll, Rice to Riches, oysters from Chelsea Market and Pinkberry. Finally, we polished off the night at Chicken and Rice on 6th Ave.


Day 4.  There was no way I was leaving NY without having a cubano from Sophie's.  Prior to that, Gerald and I grabbed bialys at Kassar's in the LES.  Finally, I bought a few sandwiches for the flight at Province Chinese Canteen.




Fall quarter is over! Off to New York!


the big jacket

It's time to break out the big jacket in Chicago. I was trying to hold out as long as possible, but when the weather turned cold last week, and we got a feew inches of snow last night, I had to take the big North Face jacket out of the closet (along with my big boots).

Although I actually really like the snow and winter, I'm looking forward to being back in Pasadena for a long winter break.

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