road trip!

Even though this was a busy weekend, with on-campus-recruiting and fall class registration deadlines, but I still made time for a fantastic road trip to Milwaukee. After relaxing all-day Saturday, I have planned to do a ton of work and research on Sunday, until I woke up to an email about watching the Giants play the Brewers in Milwaukee. After some quick phone calls and logistical planning, four of us were off to Wisconsin!


Three more weeks before the Chicago Long Distance Classic Half Marathon, and I've got a lot of training to do!



Even without much prior knowledge of the bands performing, the Pitchfork Music Festival was one of the coolest music festivals I've ever been to. I spent nearly all of Saturday at Union Park, and most of Sunday afternoon and evening. Here's why it was so awesome:

- Public transportation. Getting there couldn't have been easier, as the park was right off the Ashland stop on the Green Line, and only three stops outside of the Loop.
- Great music. Although I knew of only a few bands in advance (The New Pornographers and Of Montreal), I enjoyed listening to most of the acts.
- Superb planning. The festival was spread across three stages, and the layout/schedule was planned perfectly such that there was no overcrowding or volume interference at any of the shows.
- Flatstock. This trade poster festival at Pitchfork was awesome. I've always been a fan of cool concert art, and this was a collection of companies that all made cool, unique, modern posters for indie rock bands and venues.
- Affordable prices. The two-day ticket was only $35, and most impressively, bottled water was only $1!!!


wow! time flies!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted! Sadly, my return post will also be a short one, as this is one crazy week for me. Who'd have thought that my summer class schedule would be even busier than my routine during the regular school year?!

A lot of it has been trying to catch up after missing a week of class while I was in Pasadena, but even before I left town class has been mad busy. I plan on posting a better update next week, once things calm down and I've turned in my assignments for this week.