new york

A few weeks ago, I purchased a $75 ticket from Chicago to New York, in order to spend some of the holidays with my high school friends. Although I may shorten the trip due to some recent issues, I am still very excited about eating at all of my favorite cheap eats. Here's the tentative list (which will grow over time):

- Kati Roll
- Halal cart on 6th Ave (chicken and rice)
- Cubano from Sophies
- $2 falafel sandwiches
- H&H bagels
- wonton noode soup
- steamed pork and crab dumplings
- roasted nuts
- Katz's pastrami
- pizza, pizza, pizza!



I'm back in Pasadena for a nice, long Thanksgiving break (we get the whole week off at b-school!). Things have been a bit hectic with a lot of school, work and family thing going on, but overall things are good. I'm sorry for the lame update, but there really hasn't been much new lately. Highlights:

- I've finalized my summer plans and will be in Palo Alto next summer! Although, hopefully, I will be living in Noe Valley again, as I loved my old neighborhood near Dolores and 24th.
- Upcoming trips include a wedding in LA and a trip to India in March, and potentially a week-long trip to Central America next August. I am definitely trying to take advantage of my student schedule to do some traveling.
- I haven't finalized my schedule for next year. I didn't get into the Finance II class I really wanted, so that threw my entire schedule off. I'll definitely be taking Entrepreneurial Finance and Microeconomics, and Global Initiatives in Management, but aside from those three classes I don't know what other two classes I plan on taking. I'm hoping to major in Entrepreneurship, Finance and Social Enterprise.

That's all for now. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


another week

Wow, time really flies. This was another busy week, as I was back in Northern California from Monday to Wednesday taking a second look at a couple of firms. I am pretty sure where I will be going next summer, but just need a few more days to mull over my decision.

School has also been busy, as we had a final paper for one of my classes due on Friday. This week has flown by, but not without bumps. Unfortunately, things are so busy, I haven't been a good group member in all of my classes. This is especially true in Finance, where I decided to cut my losses early on and work on other classes. I am the nightmare member in that group, as I have contributed little this entire quarter. Although I did OK on the midterm, I think I'm screwed for my peer evaluation grade. At least my group members for my other teams like me (I think).

In regards to food, it's been a pretty hearty week. On Tuesday I ate at Houston's in SF for my sister's birthday, then on Wednesday I requested to have lunch at thee cafeteria of the firm I was meeting with, just to get the lay of the land. Other solid meals have included dinner at Buffalo Joe's in Evanston on Friday after the school's big marketing competition, brunch at Fox and Obel on Sunday, and a big steak dinner tonight at Kinzie Chophouse.

Hope to have a more exciting report next time!



Ok, I know it's been a long, long time since I've last posted regularly, but I'm taking a stand here and saying that I plan on making at least weekly posts to my blog. I can't promise that these will be lengthy, earth-shaking posts, but they'll be better than nothing.

This past week, I flew out to San Francisco with Lauren for a quick recruiting trip (for her). As usual, I ate tremendously well in the city:

Dinner at Jardiniere: This French restaraunt was incredible. The four of us (Lauren, myself, a firm associate and her boyfriend), split four appetizers, three desserts (plus one compliments of the chef), two bottles of wine, and each ordered a different entree and dessert wine (except for me). Although my Berkshire pork entree was only a bit above average, everything else was very much above average, especially their scallop appetizer and ice dessert.

Lunch at Myth Cafe: Excellent sandwiches and sides, similar to my last visit. Lauren and I split the turkey avocado sandwich, as well as a mixed green salad, mac and cheese and home-made chips. That description truly falls short of the true measure of each item. For example, the mac and cheese was served fresh from the oven in its own serving dish with four different cheeses and a breaded top.

To-go dinner from Out the Door: I have yet to try Slanted Door or its takeout version, Out the Door, and a Vietnamese sandwich sounded like the perfect thing to bring onboard for an in-flight dinner. My Saigon roast pork sandwich was amazing. The quality of the pork and vegetables and sandwich size (about 1.5-2 times the size of a standard banh mi sandwich) easily overcame the high price $7.50 (the cost of about three normal banh mis). I will be back during my next trip to SF next week.

Yes, I'll be back for a few more firm visits (plus my sister's birthday) - arriving Monday and leaving Wednesday!