greetings from maui!

Aloha! I'm in Maui now after a great trip to Miami and the Bahamas. My vacation has been fabulous so far, except for the fact that I failed to pack my camera. However, it's nice not to worry about taking the absurd amount of photos I normally do.

I'll try to post (or add to Flickr) pictures my family took in Florida, but here are a few shots that I've taken with my dad's camera:

Sunrise at the top of Haleakala Volcano

Maui sunset

P.S. - My last post may have been a bit ambivalent, but I am happy to announce that I will be moving to Chicago by the end of August to start at Northwestern (although I am incredibly sad to be leaving New York)!


ny's aaiff

NY's 29th Asian American International Film Festival will be from 7/13 - 7/21 in Manhattan and from 8/3 - 8/6 in Long Island.

Unfortunately, I will miss most of the festival while on vacation, including American Fusion, a movie that a friend's family helped make. But don't just watch it to support my friend, watch it because it looks like a great movie:

American Fusion

East Coast Premiere
USA | 2005 | 101 mins | 35mm | English, Chinese, Spanish w/E.S.

DIRECTOR: Frank Lin PRODUCERS: Robin Oliver, John Dunn, Jason Inouye
CAST: Sylvia Chang, Esai Morales, Collin Chou, James Hong, Pat Morita

Frank Lin takes a comedic look at the complexities of family, love, and race in this feature film that won the Hawaii International Film Festival's Audience Award. Set in California, AMERICAN FUSION concerns a divorced forty-something Chinese immigrant, Yvonne, played by the beautiful Sylvia Chang (ALL ABOUT AH LONG, see SUN SING THEATER retrospectives) who feels that the best of her days are behind her.

Yvonne's latest writing assignment lands her in the dental office of Dr. Jose (NYPD BLUE's Esai Morales), a handsome and single Mexican American. But her narrow-minded mother injures her back in a massage accident, and uses her suffering to emotionally blackmail her children into doing her bidding. In order to find true happiness, Yvonne must overcome her three demanding siblings and her ultra-conservative mother!

Showcasing an incredible cast of memorable characters that includes Fabio, James Hong, Eddie Shin, and the late great Pat Morita in one of his last appearances, Lin's feature debut goes out of its way to make you laugh and cringe. AMERICAN FUSION affirms that happiness comes out of accepting people and situations as they are.

Followed by Q&A. Frank Lin is nominated for the Emerging Director Award.

Sun 7/16 3:30 PM
Asia Society

Wed 7/19 8:30 PM
Quad Cinema


a new era

Today I start of the next phase of my life. No more 9-5 workday, so long paychecks, bye bye fiscal independence. Yesterday was my last day at work and now the only thing between me and law school is about six weeks of vacation.

It's a little scary thinking about going back to school. Barring any last minute changes, I'll be joining the class of 2009 at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. I know it will be a huge challenge, although I am really looking forward to becoming a student after six years in the workforce. My study habits weren't the best in college, but I think I am finally ready to succeed in a rigorous academic enivornment.

Here are my upcoming vacation plans, as I probably won't be able to update the blog while I am gone:

7/15 - 7/22: Miami and the Bahamas
7/23 - 7/30: Hawaii (Maui and the Big Island)

I wish all of you a great summer and promise to return with lots of pictures!


fancy foods

Yesterday I took an extra long lunch break to meet Gerald at the Jacob K. Javits Center for the International Fancy Food & Confection Show. As a member of the press (via foodite.com), I got free admission to the show, as well as a nifty press kit. Thankfully, I was there with Gerald so everytime I was asked a question about www.foodite.com I would pass it on to the founder/editor.

The show itself was overwhelming with over 5,000 booths of retailers, large and small, all trying to hawk their food items. What really surprised me was how poorly most of the food samples tasted. I only really enjoyed less than a quarter of all of the food that I tried. Part of this was likly due to floor plan of the event, where booths were organized by origin, rather than type. Therefore I would go from sampling soup, to candy, to pasta, to jerky, to dessert again, then chips, cured meat, cookies, etc.

All in all, I'm looking forward to going again next year, and for longer than just an hour!

Flickr photos for the Fancy Food Show


an old man and the sea (or movies/tv shows set in the sea)

Last Friday night, I caught Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on opening night with Tammy, Muller and Karen. Although it didn't live up to the first Pirates movie, I still say it's worth watching in the theater, just be prepared for a long (two and a half hours!) movie. I couldn't believe that we got out at almost midnight after getting to the theater early for the 9:15 PM show. I won't say much about the film here, but I refer you to the NY Times review which hit the movie dead-on.

On Saturday I may have suffered dehydration or heat sickness from playing basketball in the early afternoon (although I'm sure beer and a heavy brunch right afterwards didn't help). I was completely bedridden after getting home at around 5 PM. I didn't even have enough energy to sit at my desk and play warcraft, so instead I finished wacthing the remaining Lost episodes that Francis gave me. See my previous post about how I feel when I watch Lost. Even though I could barely move around in bed, I still managed to shake a fist whenever I got frustrated by the dumb actions of some of the show's characters (especially Jack and Kate. And Michael. And definitely Claire and Charlie).

Finally, Leslie and I rented About Schmidt last night. I was pretty excited to watch it, and was hoping it would turn out to be a funny black comdey, but instead it was a sad movie about an ornery old man. Jack Nicholson may have been a great young/middle-age actor, but I think Walter Mathau, Jack Lemmon and even Bill Murray play senior citizens much better.


west coast burgers

In addition to being excited about seeing my family and friends in California last weekend, I was also looking forward to having some of my favorite burgers. I've had some great burgers in New York, but nothing compares on a price/quality level to my two favorites:

Hamburgers (I always order two - one animal style, one plain) from In-N-Out Burger

Carl's Jr.'s Western Bacon Cheeseburger

I consider In-N-Out Burger to be a step above all other fast food chains, but after them, here is my ranking of signature sandwiches:

1. Western Bacon Cheeseburger, Carl's Jr.
2. Whopper, Burger King
3. Sourdough Jack, Jack in the Box

I don't have a favorite sandwich from McDonalds or Wendy's. The more I think about burgers back home, the more I miss the chili burger at Clearman's Galley.

- News tip from my sister: They're thinking of closing Magic Mountain! (you may have to log in to latimes.com to read the article)


holiday weekend

It's been a while since I last posted, but I promise to return soon with an update from my great weekend in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend (if you had one)!