weekend recap

Another great but busy weekend, following a two days of work last weekend, and the Kellogg reunion the weekend before that.

- This one kicked off with Little Start Pizza, two pies from one of my overall favorite pizza joints. I still need to make an updated Zachary's comparison, but it's just too hard to get to the East Bay.

- Short visit to Howard and Dao's birthday BBQ at Golden Gate Park. I wish I could've stayed longer but...

- Then I was off to Godwin and Meredith's wedding in Pleasanton. Congratulations to an awesome couple and I had a great time catching up with a lot of friends I hadn't seen in much too long.

- After a relaxing morning, Lauren and I headed off to Maya's 7th birthday party in Menlo Park. This time it was a long-overdue catching up with family, along with meeting baby Atticus for the first time!

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